While we value the praise received at home, the words that mean the most to us are those that come directly from the troops. They let us know that our efforts are appreciated every day.


“Good morning. First off I would like to say thank you for all the books you guys have sent. It is deeply appreciated. I have received 10 boxes of books within the last week or so. Everyone truly appreciates the books. It is hard to get books out here to read. I am sorry that I am sending a mass email, but I just got off the night shift and I’m a little beat. ”

By: James S. (Afghanistan)


“Greetings from Afghanistan. Thank you for all the books that I have received from the volunteers. I will always be preoccupied on my down time with all the reading material I/we have here. Thank you much! ”

By: Orlando O. (Afghanistan)


“I got a box of books from you, and was very excited by the variety of genres it contained. There were only a few books left to put on the MWR library’s shelf after everyone picked through the box. Thank you very much for your support of the troops over here. We all appreciate what you do for us. ”

By: Goss SGT (Overseas)



“I just received a box of books and wanted to thank you. I sincerely appreciate this program and programs like this that support deployed service members. It’s truly an honor to serve and its people like you and your organization who make these deployments bearable. Thank you so much!”

By: David Y. (Afghanistan)
“Thank you for the lovely books. My Soldiers and I are stationed in a very remote part of Iraq and reading helps pass the time. Often it seems from our end that unless a member of the public has a family member in the military they usually don’t realize us that there are men and women still so far from home. It is because of you and other people like you that we can still feel connected to the American people. Thank you again for your wonderful gift.”

By: Patrick M. (Iraq)


“Thank you! I hope that this email reaches you in good health and good weather (from what I’ve seen in weather reports, you would be one of the lucky ones if that’s the case), recently I received a box of books from you and I would like to let you know that my buddies and I appreciate the support you are showing us. I know these words aren’t much, but we are sincerely grateful that you sent the books and we are intending to add them to the small library that was started in our Morale, Welfare, and Recreation building once we finish reading them, that way your gift can get out to even more soldiers out here. Once again thank you and I hope that your day is as bright as you have made ours. ”

By: Jonah A. SGT (Overseas)