, a non-profit (501(c)(3) tax exempt organization is supporting U.S. Operation Paperback and other military organizations dedicated  providing our solders with quality books during their deployment overseas.

Since 2011 has donated over 15.000 books per month — mostly new — to active duty personnel and military veterans. Our role has been to facilitate the donation of all types of books from publishing companies and the public, and in partnership with Operation Paperback, to ship them around the globe and throughout the United States. During this time an estimated 200,000 individuals stationed in more than 20 countries and recuperating at 20+ VA Hospitals have benefited. These hundreds of thousands of books were general in nature. They included random overruns of fiction, non-fiction, biographies, self-help books, etc.; anything and everything.

This new initiative, Operation textbook, will be an evolution of our charter model — focusing our efforts on a very deserving segment of the college-student population, in very specific genre of publishing. And we plan to leverage our successful track record, and existing institutional partnerships to make this program a success.